Analytics and Insights For Paid and Earned Content


In case you were wondering, this isn't just some generic stock photo, no mam. This young man is enjoying native advertising content while sitting on the edge of an LA rooftop, overlooking a beautiful downtown sunset. We're measuring his engagement with said content.


Content Analytics

Whether you're creating custom native content with publishers or using paid ads to promote media coverage, Ozmotik provides a comprehensive view of post-click engagement analytics.  Our technology lets you to collect, analyze, and deploy content data to drive awareness, impact and conversions.



Reveal which stories generate the most user attention, and downstream conversions. Optimize resources towards top performing stories, writers, creatives, media partners, devices and more.



Identify and segment high-intent audiences based on user-level earned media engagement. Deploy this custom audience for more effective mid and lower-funnel retargeting campaigns.



Survey users with up to 3 questions for real-time feedback on your PR campaign. Our industry leading response rates of 10 - 30% result in statistically significant samples.


Intel works with Quartz to create custom native content.


Custom Native Content

Ozmotik unifies all your native content analytics in one easy-to-use platform. Get real-time visibility into post-click engagement and user sentiment: which pieces of content from which publishers deliver the best results? What do consumers think of your campaign? Optimize resources towards top performers and distribution partners, and leverage reporting insights to understand shifts in consumer sentiment and opinion.


Amplifying Editorial Coverage

Ozmotik's measurement reveals post-click engagement data and consumer insights so you can optimize towards the stories, distribution partners, and creatives that generate the highest quality audiences. And, our system lets you identify and segment high-intenders for more effective retargeting.


Powerwatch uses FB ads to promote a writeup on Gizmodo.


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Brands + Agencies

Does your content strategy include custom native content on publisher sites?  Our analytics and insights can help you determine what's working and what needs improvement.


DTC Brands

Are you using paid ads to promote positive press coverage? If not, find out how this strategy increases sales and why our analytics are used by top direct-to-consumer brands.

Pr + Comms

Is it your job to get media coverage? Move beyond social vanity metrics, identify effective content through engagement analytics and extend the reach and shelf life of your best stories.


Working on a public advocacy or political campaign?  Find out how our political division, Oz Political helps you use media coverage to persuade constituents, and get out the vote.