Analytics and Insights For PR Campaigns


In case you were wondering, this isn't just some generic stock photo, no mam. This young man is viewing your client's media coverage while sitting on the edge of an LA rooftop, overlooking a beautiful downtown sunset. We're measuring his engagement and sentiment with said content.


PR Analytics and Insights

Ozmotik provides comprehensive post-click engagement analytics and consumer sentiment research on PR campaigns. Now you can access fast, cost-effective data and insights to prove the effectiveness of your work and enhance the value of your practice.

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Ozmotik's innovative research technology yields real-time consumer feedback on your PR. Our industry leading response rates of 5 to 30% get you to statistically significant results pronto.



Reveal which stories generate the most engagement. Optimize your efforts based on the best performing stories, topics, media outlets, and more.

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Identify and segment high-intent audiences based on their engagement. You clients can then use these custom audiences to increase the ROI of their mid and lower-funnel ad campaigns.


We offer first-time customers a fast, efficient way to get a taste for what we have to offer.


Finally, a way to get fast, cost-effective, actionable insights from your PR campaigns

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“Being able to measure effectiveness and gain insights from any earned media. A true first."

- Charles Buchwalter, Former CEO Nielsen JPN, SVP Digital Research and Analytics at Nielsen


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