PR + Comms

In a recent report from Cision, 75% of PR and Comms professionals said they felt "the comms industry can do better at measuring and proving its impact on business objectives" and 52% "feel their biggest content challenge is determining what content is most effective."

To make matters worse, an evaporating news cycle means there's a glut of content out there, making it difficult to rise above the noise, even with high-profile media placements.

Yet, earned media continues to be the most effective form of marketing communication.  In a recent Nielsen study, Earned Editorial Coverage outperformed Branded Content and User Reviews for driving consideration and purchase intent.



Amplify Earned Content

To help your stories cut through the clutter and guarantee reach to targeted audiences, comms and PR teams use paid advertising, to direct consumers to critical media coverage.  Ozmotik enables you to identify the high-intenders for more effective ad targeting.



measure Post-click engagement

Ozmotik measures post-click engagement of media coverage to reveal the stories that resonate most with your target audience.  What content from what publications are the most effective?  Is your long-form coverage actually sticky?



Measure Effectiveness

Ozmotik is the only company that lets you survey readers of editorial coverage after a qualified and measurable exposure.  Get insights into how your PR campaign shifts consumer opinion and improves consumer sentiment.